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[Private: Hackable]

The feathers are finally almost all gone now...I've been molting pretty heavily, I hope my roommates aren't too annoyed by them being all over the floor...as if I should care.

I can't...stop thinking about it... Rue...her face...she was scared of me...

Is that what I would be...if I hadn't been born into this hideous body? If I'd...really been a raven...?

I was stronger than I was, it's true...and yet I..

...It doesn't matter. I am the way I am...I may as well not focus on anything else.

I should...talk to my princess...


[Filtered to AU!Rue: Hackable]

My princess...please, may I I need to speak with you.

[/Filtered to AU!Rue]

...To those who...kept me from eating the hearts of anyone I came across, I suppose I can show my gratitude. If they hadn't been there, I... I am entirely human and have control over my actions again, so you have no more to fear from me at present.

((OOC: The strikes are very smudged; the regular ones are semi-hard to read and the small ones are practically impossible to read.

Yes, because as usual I fail at being active, this is basically what happened with Mytho after he was a crazy loveless Raven (wow, how the hell long ago was that, I know. XD;;;;;); when he got his feeling of love back, little by little the feathers fell away and he began to gain his regular appearance again. He throughout it all though was exceedingly emo and reserved and stayed in his room most of the time, and still is to a nice extent, mostly because of how he treated Rue when he was without his love. Finally he looks pretty much all human again, but anyone can feel free to notice small traces of feathers still on his arms. *wears a sign with a big red "FAIL" 8D;;;*))

Chapter 6: Without My Humanity

Well now, isn't this interesting.That bite made all the pain go away...

Ha! If this is what happens when people bite you here, perhaps this was a good thing. Heh heh heh...

*clutches his heart with his wing, chuckling becoming ragged and weak and voice becomes louder, insane*

Love me! Love me and me alone! All of you, throw away your lives and love me!

((OOC: Yep, Siegfried got a bite from Elda. Siegfried, without his feeling of love, simply is not human at all...nope, instead he's psycho and even more selfish than normal...oh yeah, and he's a cracktastic bird-human thing (kind of like this). XD))

Chapter 5: Chained by Christmas Cheer

W-what the hell?! I stepped under this weird plant and now suddenly...

Damn it, I can't...move...my feet!

Ugh, damn it all. How on earth do I...maybe if I pelt enough magic at it...?

[sounds of small explosions are heard as his raven magic collides with the floor over and over]

*curses angrily under his breath*

Chapter 4: A Kitten in a Forest of Crows

Hmph. It seems that I now have a kitten in my company. 

...She's so cute! ...My subjects are not pleased by this at all, but...my princess Rue asked me to take care of her this little menace, and I can't deny her. *slightly aggravated sigh*

...Hmm...I suppose I should give her a name, shouldn't I...? 

((OOC: Those first two strikes are blotted out; the third is hackable.))


Chapter 3: Sleeping Beauty Awakens

[Private: Hackable]

W-what? Where...how did I get back in my room?


My princess...she brought me back here...?

...Not because she loves me and me alone. Just because she...pitied me. ...Damn it, I don't WANT her pity, I want her LOVE! Her love for me and me alone! Even if she is the princess who loves everyone...

She has to love me...I need...

Damn these stupid cuffs...if this stupid thing hadn't activated when I tried pushing Ahiru out of the way...well, she is not going to get between me and my princess again. This I swear.

...And now Fakir's here too. As if things couldn't become any more complicated... *sighs* Well, no matter. Neither they nor anyone else will get in my way to get to my princess. No one will have all of her love but me. No one.

[/Private: Hackable]

((OOC: This takes place after this log. All strikes are smudged and blotted with ink, and so are therefore very hard to read.))

Chapter 2: The Raven Becomes a Prince

W-what on earth?!

I tried to change into my raven normal ensemble, and when I did, I somehow...what on earth am I wearing? It's...nice...white. And why in the seven hells am I wearing a cape? How cool dorky

Ugh, how ridiculous...on top of this place making me leave my dorm when I only just got into it and me finding Ahiru's also here...I now have to be dressed in this crazy outfit. Fantastic.

((OOC: If you're unfamiliar with the canon prince outfit for Mytho/Siegfried, c'est voila. Strikes are semi-legible.))

Chapter 1: Entrance of the Raven

Goddamn useless spells…they were supposed to…not… *aggravated sigh* But I suppose that’s not important.

Hmm, it seems there are ravens here as well, at least. Good. I won’t be lonely, I guess.  A prince deserves respect wherever he is.

I heard a lot of people were hurt because of some “storm”...and someone even died. I wanted to help them so much. and my heart...it hurt so…

…I’ve got to get out of here.

((OOC: Hi, everyone! I'm Tory-mun, and I come to you RPing an AU version of Siegfried/Mytho from Princess Tutu~. =D I look forward to playing with all of you muchies and promise to do my very best RPing Raven Prince Siegfried. <3 I will likely not be exceedingly active this weekend as I will be with relatives, but I shouldn't have too much of a problem replying to any comments you might leave. ^_^

Strikes are thoughts; mood and avatar are hack to hack.))



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