Even Angels Fall

Love Me And Only Me...

Siegfried/Mytho AU
((This is the RP journal of neko_no_hanashi (Tory-mun) for an AU version of Siegfried/Mytho from the anime Princess Tutu, and is part of econtra_rpg.))

Character: Siegfried/Mytho
Series/Fandom: Princess Tutu
Original or Alternate: Alternate

Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Raven
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Barracks: Ci-Eksi
Appearance: Has messy white hair, pink-tinged amber eyes and a pale and lean danseur-style figure. Generally seen either in his school uniform (a blue jacket over a white-collared shirt and white pants and shoes), his ballet practice outfit (a loose white shirt, black tights and white ballet shoes) or his Raven Prince attire (a black leotard with black “feathers” around the collar and around his waist, black tights and dark gray boots and gloves). Anyone boarding with him might catch him walking around only in a white shirt and no pants, but very seldom does Siegfried dress like that in public view.

Personality: He has a two-sided personality, best represented by the two names he is known by. His birth name, Siegfried, is symbolic of the raven prince he was raised to be, destined to succeed the Monster Raven (his “father,” who is supposedly ashamed that his son had to be born into a “filthy” human body although he is a raven). On that hand, Siegfried can be exceedingly selfish, desiring love wherever he can get it and despising anyone who won’t give him love and devotion, and deceptive. But Siegfried also has another side to him, one that once was highlighted for others to see that Siegfried now tries hard to suppress, a side that others can refer to as Mytho. Mytho, to everyone who knows him, is a perfect, princely-like figure who desires to aid others and give love to them in return, the way a human would. But now Siegfried tries to hide the more human side of him, trying to be a strong raven who focuses solely on his objective…but were one to look closely, one would see that “Mytho” is still there.

Abilities/Strengths: Raven magic (can transfigure ravens or raven feathers into almost anything), ballet which can be used to battle with, swordplay
Weapons: His magic, his sword (a black blade with two ravens adoring the hilt)
Weaknesses: Rue, his temper, anyone helpless or hurt, being called human or “Mytho,” his pride

History: His history begins and ends with the woman he loves. When Siegfried was young, he was protected by a young woman without a heart or a name…a girl that Siegfried decided to call Rue. When his father the Monster Raven told Siegfried that “Rue” was in actuality the Princess who loves everyone from "The Princess and the Raven," (which one may read here) the ravens’ enemy, it was decided between them that Rue was the only one Siegfried could marry, since she likely could love even the prince of the Ravens. Although Rue is heartless, Siegfried (or, as he started to call himself around Rue, “Mytho” after the Greek word for “story” or “legend”) loves her fine that way, and is pleased that she will never leave him while heartless. In that time, he sealed his memories of being a raven away, intending to live solely as Mytho for the rest of his life. Mytho was very happy, praised at his school Kinkan Academy for his ballet and even making good friends like Rue’s constant companion Ahiru and a student in the beginner’s class named Fakir. However, when “The Princess and the Raven” started moving again, and the Prince with a fate unconnected to the Princess Rue started returning Rue’s heart to her, Mytho began to feel fear at the thought that Rue could drift away from him…become someone he didn’t know…and leave him for the Prince’s love. Ravens again began to fly around him, and the barrier that had sealed his raven memories away weakened…until finally Mytho became the Raven Prince Siegfried once more. Now having to pick up his old identity as a cruel Raven Prince after being a kind and helpful human, Siegfried nonetheless played the role rather well. When Rue’s heart-shard of Love was supposed to be returned to her, Siegfried took both the heart-shard and Rue away from his old friends the Prince (Fakir) and the knight Ahiru.

When they attempted to rescue Rue, Ahiru fell into the lake and (to Siegfried’s knowledge) died…and Siegfried challenged the Prince-dressed Fakir to a duel for the affection of Rue’s heart-shard of love. The Prince is fated to vanish upon speaking of love to the Princess…so Fakir, in the guise of the Prince still, instead started to dance to convey his feelings. Siegfried accepted this form of communication and started to dance himself, all the while speaking to Fakir and scorning him for thinking he could win when his dance isn’t even his own, but the Prince’s. The scorn derailed Fakir, and Siegfried’s dance of passion and devotion won the heart-shard of Love’s attention. It seemed as though Siegfried had won…but then, despite the contest’s end…the Prince started to dance a pas de deux by himself, voicing one message and one alone to the Princess herself “I want you to dance with me.” And, to the shock of both Fakir and Siegfried, the one who responded by reaching a hand out to Fakir and smiling at him was not the heart-shard, but Rue herself. Siegfried vanished in a black cloud of raven magic, conceding Fakir’s victory, and felt his heart break. Deciding not to give Rue up that easily to someone else, Siegfried used all of the raven magic he could in a selfish attempt to make time move backwards, in an attempt to return back to the time when he was Mytho and Rue was only Rue and everything was perfect…unfortunately his wild emotions made his cluster of spells react violently…

The next thing the Raven Prince knew, he was in a strange white room being shuffled elsewhere to begin his “training” at the Campus of Econtra.